2024 Health IT traits in India: A spotlight on genAI, robotics

2024 Health IT traits in India: A spotlight on genAI, robotics


Aside from increasing the programs of AI in health care – from scientific conclusion guidance to personalised medicine, hospitals in India search to exam and undertake other forms of emerging systems this calendar year.

Prashant Singh, CIO of Max Hospitals, and JP Dwivedi, CIO of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, reviewed with Healthcare IT News some continuing and rising traits in wellbeing IT this 2024.

For 1, robotic answers for surgeries are expected to consider additional area, not just in big, private chains but also in smaller, public hospitals as prices develop into extra competitive with the arrival of domestic choices.

A certain type of AI, generative AIwhich grew in popularity final year, will keep in demand from customers as hospitals search for a lot more effective instruments to devote extra time with their people than executing menial administrative perform. Voice AI like Augnito is also catching attention with the discovery of voice biomarkers indicative of various ailments, especially pulmonary and even neurological types.

Though there is sustained enthusiasm amongst hospitals to be considered as “technologies champions,” investing in new technologies is not met devoid of resistance.

Q: Which development in wellbeing engineering in India do you see continuing in 2024? How about new developments to expect in the new calendar year?

Dwivedi, Rajiv Gandhi Most cancers Institute:Withpitals have often embraced medtech. In Radiology, there are digital X-rays, filmless visuals, significant-precision CT, MRI, and PET-CT. Haematology and Biochemistry laboratories have analysers, which are now integrated into Hospital Information and facts Programs. Automation has also come to Microbiology and Histopathology, though hospital investments in molecular laboratories and genome sequencing have developed in modern years. Now we are going for AI in each Radiology and Pathology 2024 will see the continuation of this pattern.

With the emergence of additional and additional advanced modalities in Radiology and significant demand for radiologists, it is crucial that we do some sort of triage to separate completely normal pictures from the pictures that will need unique notice of a skilled. The use of AI/ML has now enabled that. We see a quantity of AI/ML-enabled goods mastering the artwork of diagnosis alongside radiologists. Just after studying the analysis of one hundred-200 typical illustrations or photos and a hundred-two hundred abnormal illustrations or photos, the application can step in to form these visuals and current only abnormal or perhaps irregular visuals to the radiologist. It saves significant time and work. AI is also able to detect nodules that are not seen by the bare eye and recommend a closer glimpse by a qualified, and therefore steer clear of a false negative. In Pathology, significant-precision cameras enable the [preservation of] electronic images somewhat than glass slides that are very difficult to handle, retail outlet, and transportation. These photographs could be stored digitally and analysed by AI/ML-enabled products and solutions in the same way in radiology imaging.

In our institute, we have been doing the job on electronic pathology and the use of AI/ML-enabled engineering [tools] in detecting prostate most cancers. The final results so significantly have been pretty encouraging. We will shortly expand it to detect lots of other sorts of cancer. The upcoming technological innovation intervention region is putting it to therapeutic use.

Robotic Surgical procedure has been in existence for more than a decade and is established to avoid blood loss, raise the precision of medical procedures, and minimise the duration of hospital stay. Right until extremely lately, these robots were incredibly pricey and schooling was available only in a pick out handful of locations in the West. With the arrival of a domestic robotic identified as SSI Mantra, the value has been substantially minimized. We will see more and extra robotic options coming in the in the vicinity of potential.

Other illustrations of technological know-how interventions are Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Trans Arterial Chemo Embolization (TACE), Trans Arterial Radiation Embolization (TARE) and Higher-Depth Targeted Ultrasound (HIFU). All these have been successfully made use of in oncology about the past few decades to make improvements to precision and minimise intervention. We shall witness the quick enlargement of these systems in health care in 2024 and lots of years to occur.

Apart from a several substantial clinic chains, hospitals historically have been myopic about utilizing IT until finally 2020 when COVID-19 struck. The onslaught of COVID-19 changed the mindset of health care companies in several methods. For the initial time, physicians desired offering views remotely (telemedicine) and utilizing personal computers to check out individual documents (EHR) a lot more than referring to paper documents that could have the deadly COVID-19 virus. This craze ongoing thereafter as patients are equipped to book appointments and see their total health care heritage working with apps, whilst health professionals are locating it straightforward to watch medical record on a single display screen fairly than flipping via a number of web pages of a bulky paper file.

Even so, there are many issues in the adoption of EHR, and these are faced by clinicians around the world. Medical doctors find it beneficial to retrieve the data but are not at ease coming into the notes, orders, and prescriptions on the net. Hospitals are searching for dependable technologies that can support in the development of health-related information in the qualifications while doctors are interacting with and examining their people. The up coming ideal could be handwriting or voice recognition technologies. A ton of guarantees are coming but nothing at all has been effectively tested other than a number of particular regions like dictating radiology and pathology studies. This difficulty is a lot more acute when a health practitioner is earning rounds and is made to stay in the ward to enter progress notes, prescriptions, and diagnostic orders on the computer. The year 2024 will see some assure in this route.

As much more and much more individual details is getting accessible on the internet, the info safety risk has elevated manifold. Cybersecurity technological innovation is rising and will see a marked improvement in 2024 and outside of.

Singh, Max Hospitals: In my check out, AI/gen AI will continue on in 2024 in a variety of health care use circumstances, specially case summarisation and disease prediction.

Q: How receptive are hospitals in India to new technologies remaining offered in the industry? Are you looking at clinic budgets aligned to testing/introducing new technologies in 2024?

Dwivedi, Rajiv Gandhi Most cancers Institute: Hospitals have normally been receptive to health care systems but are now opening up to IT as nicely. Governments are encouraging [the] use of IT in hospitals in several techniques. People are also conscious of the positive aspects of client well being records, telemedicine, on the web appointments and many other facilities [that] opened up with the assist of IT, and they are in a position to differentiate technologically highly developed hospitals from other individuals. Know-how is also supporting [improve] patient protection, decreasing price, and improving affected person working experience. Healthcare facility budgets are finding aligned with not only testing but placing these systems to effective use and they want to task them selves as technological innovation champions rather than currently being stamped as laggards.

Singh, Max Hospitals: Company/even larger hospitals are incredibly a great deal receptive to more recent technologies but the allocation of enough budget however faces some resistance even now.


The interviewees’ answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.

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