Fortis Healthcare gets AI boost for mental health vertical

Fortis Healthcare gets AI boost for mental health vertical

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Fortis Healthcare, a publicly listed private hospital network from India, has introduced a new mental health service enabled by artificial intelligence.

The hospital networkwhich is also part of the larger private healthcare groupIHH Healthcare, signed an exclusive partnership with mental health super app United We Care to establish Adayu Mindfulness. The service will provide telemental health services, alongside residential in-patient care that covers acute psychiatry, addiction treatment, and rehabilitation.


In a media release, Fortis explained that Adayu came from the word “ayu,” meaning “age,” and thus representing the concept of “adding on to life.”

Adayu will feature United We Care’s 24/7 virtual assistant Stella, who will administer personalised assessments to users. It will also help them connect with Fortis’ mental health specialists, even with sports therapists, yoga experts, and art therapy providers.

There will also be a range of self-help resources, including videos, audio content, exercises, and journals.


In India, about one in every eight individuals is dealing with some form of mental health illness.

Taking a technological approach by combining AI with clinical expertise is set to transform the delivery and accessibility of mental healthcare in the country, where mental health is still “deeply stigmatised,” according to Dr Samir Parikh, chairperson of Fortis’ National Mental Health Program.


In November last year, New York-based United We Care launched the second version of Stella. Dubbed Stella 2.0, the virtual assistant now runs on cognitive AI who can interact in over 20 languages, detect most human emotions, and assess with above 90% efficacy.

About two months after its debut of Stella 2.0, United We Care announced its contracts with three undisclosed major healthcare systems in the United States.


“This new initiative not only emphasises our commitment to addressing the pervasive challenge of mental health but also showcases our innovative approach by integrating AI technology through our partnership with United We Care. This collaboration is set to transform the accessibility of mental health services, making comprehensive care available at the touch of a button,” said Fortis Healthcare CEO Dr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi.

“This is more than an advancement in healthcare technology; it is a movement towards destigmatising mental health issues and enhancing the availability of care for those in need across India. Through such pioneering efforts, we continue to lead the way in transforming healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes.”

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