Upcoming of Atopic Dermatitis Management

Upcoming of Atopic Dermatitis Management


In this MedPage Nowadays video, Lakshi Aldredge, MSN, ANP-BC, DCNP, of VA Portland Wellness Care Process in Oregon, hypothesizes how the management of atopic dermatitis and our knowledge of the issue will improve over time.

Following is a transcript of her remarks:

If I experienced a crystal ball and looked at 2024, what we’re also heading to recognize are the comorbidities involved with atopic dermatitis. We have a ton of information and literature about comorbidities in psoriasis, which we at first assumed was only a skin issue. I imagine our comprehending of eczema and its possible comorbidities is going to broaden. I assume that we are also heading to have a large amount of discrepancies, hopefully, in the way we treat people with some of the current and more recent treatments as much as the frequency of use. My hope is that we will have an successful treatment method that is maybe utilized once or two times, or even three or four occasions, a yr only, but can assist handle flares really effectively. So a decrease in the frequency of use, so that we have beautiful long-term remission with very rare use. I hope that will also be an important variable.

I also hope that we will have some affordability of these remedy solutions for communities of need to have, and for those people who possibly have ethnic, cultural, or other considerations, with our knowledge of what will work better for all those distinct pores and skin sorts. We could do a take a look at probably that displays which treatment plans or cytokines would be extra effectively specific in specific men and women. So as a substitute of acquiring them go by various remedy therapies, we can determine and say, this is the therapy ideally which is going to be supplying you the finest management — so less variance in disease and far more focused remedy.

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