The 2024 Men’s Health Tech Awards

The 2024 Men’s Health Tech Awards

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IF THE BEST tech gadgets of this year are any indication, 2024 is shaping up to be the year of “better living through technology.” We exist in a time of go-anywhere portable projectorsAI-enhanced smart sunglassesflip phones made with folding touch screen glass, and smart rings that tell us how to sleep better. But which new gadgets are actually worth buying this holiday season?

Our gear-obsessed editors and writers set out to answer this question, determined to find out. We routinely researched and tested hundreds of new gadgets—from kitchen appliances and fitness recovery gadgets, to satellite-connected smartwatches and bleeding-edge handheld gaming consoles. The goal: To hand-pick only the best of the best tech of the year. We now present you with this year’s installment of the Men’s Health Tech Awards.

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Jamie Chung

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Best New Connected Sunglasses Release

healthy living Meta Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer

Ray-Ban’s iconic shades get a serious next-gen upgrade. The Meta Wayfarer are a pitch-perfect recreation of the original, now with AI-enhanced features allowing you to take calls, listen to music, capture photos, and livestream anytime, anywhere.

Best New Go-Kart Release

healthy living Transformers Bumblebee Electric Gokart Pro

Segway Transformers Bumblebee Electric Gokart Pro

You can’t legally own a Transformer (we checked). But this is the next best thing. Decked out in a legit Bumblebee yellow-and-black (or Optimus Prime red-and-blue) colorway, this high-performance go-kart is built for serious speed—up to 24.8 miles per hour, pulling more than 1g of acceleration in the twisties.

Best New Portable Projector Release

healthy living The Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub

Samsung The Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub

Now 25% Off

Samsung’s latest Freestyle projector release is as refined as ever, with a crisp picture that can reach up to 100-inches, a seamless user experience when navigating streaming apps, and a level of portability that makes taking it wherever you go easy as pie (we recommend grabbing the add-on battery pack).

Best New 3D Printer for Beginners Release

healthy living M5C 3D Printer

AnkerMake M5C 3D Printer

Now 20% Off

Buying things is so 2022. Build almost anything you need at home—literally—with Anker’s compact M5C. It’s simple enough for 3D-printing noobs yet powerful enough for pros who demand lightning-fast creation of their latest projects.

Best New Handheld Gaming Console Release

healthy living Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console

Valve Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console

Portable, powerful, and player-friendly, this next-gen handheld puts every bit of your Steam Library in the palm of your hand. It’s also blazing fast and long on battery life, thanks to a custom AMD APU and energy-efficient hardware under the hood.

Best New Portable Camera Release

healthy living Go 3 Action Camera

Go 3 Action Camera

The world’s best new action camera is also the smallest at just 35 grams! Clip it, stick it, or mount it to just about anything. This cool tech gadget records all your hardcore adventures in beautiful 2.7K, while FlowState Stabilization keeps every shot buttery smooth.

Best New Gaming Laptop Release

healthy living Blade 16 Gaming Laptop

Blade 16 Gaming Laptop

When your water-cooled gaming rig is overkill, but a handheld console isn’t quite enough, you need a legit gaming laptop. The Razer Blade 16 delivers with a beautiful 16-inch monitor, 8GB of video, and a fast 1TB SSD hard drive for taking all (or at least most) of your favorite games on the go.

Best New Gaming Console Release

healthy living Xbox Series S - 1TB

Microsoft Xbox Series S – 1TB

Sleek, streamlined, and sexy—the all-new Xbox Series S is 2023’s best value in gaming thanks to its massive 1 TB of memory. Get blazing-fast load times, 120fps gameplay, and instant access to all the best downloaded GamePass content with this ultra-compact console.

Best New Portable Touchscreen Display Release

healthy living StanbyME Go 27

LG StanbyME Go 27″ Briefcase Design Touch Screen

Tailgating, day-tripping to the beach, or weekend camping with the fam, you never need to be without your favorite guilty binge pleasures. LG provides the perfect portable display to watch them all with this sleek and unique briefcase-style touchscreen that’s built to go anywhere.

Best New Instant Camera Release

healthy living I-2 Instant Camera

Polaroid I-2 Instant Camera

It’s Polaroid’s original Instamatic handheld camera, reimagined by professional photographers. The I-2 adds autofocus, a razor-sharp lens, and even built-in manual controls for creators looking to seriously level up their instant analog shots.

Best New Music Equipment Release

healthy living Lava Me 4 Carbon

Lava Music Lava Me 4 Carbon

Upgrade your acoustic-electric jam sessions. This next-gen guitar blends the best of both worlds, and the multi-touch display lets you mix, loop, and add effects on the fly. Plus, the carbon build is ultra-durable, responsive, and handsome.

Best New Connected Game Release

healthy living Edge Connected Bluetooth Cube

GoCube Edge Connected Bluetooth Cube

Now 30% Off

Ready to take your Rubik’s Cube obsession to the next level? This next-gen version is every bit as fun to solve and play, but Bluetooth connectivity and smart tracking features take it squarely into the 21st century. Using the companion smartphone app, you can learn to solve it in less than an hour!

Best New Electric Mountain Bike Release

healthy living DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike

REI Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike

One mountain e-bike to rule them all. The DRT e3.1 packs every premium feature you can imagine—RockShox rear shocks, a Bosch performance motor, LED remote, and a locking battery compartment—into one trail-ready electric bike that’s crazy fun to ride.

Best New Compact Drone Release

healthy living Air 3 Dual-Camera Drone

DJI Air 3 Dual-Camera Drone

DJI reinvents the aerial photo/video game yet again with the ultra-compact Air 3. The latest version features dual cameras capable of capturing 48MP stills and 4K 60FPS HDR video—all in a ridiculously small package that collapses down to fit in your favorite travel backpack.

Best New VR Headset Release

healthy living PlayStation VR2 Headset

Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset

Sony brings the noise this year with the release of its PlayStation VR Headset. Immerse yourself in stunning 4K HDR environments with a 110-degree field of view and next-level graphical rendering via your PS5 console. You might never want to return to “meat space” ever again.

healthy living mh tech awards 2024 wilson shift 99 v1 racket

Jamie Chung

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Best New Over-Ear Headphones

healthy living OWS2 Open Ear Headphones

Ola dance OWS2 Open Ear Headphones

Now 20% Off

With 19 hours of playback time and the latest Bluetooth multi-point connectivity, these unique workout headphones are ready for your most demanding gym seshes. The comfy, open-ear design means they sit on—rather than in—your ears, so you might even forget you’re wearing them.

Best New Tennis Release

healthy living Shift 99 Pro v1 Tennis Racquet

Wilson Shift 99 Pro v1 Tennis Racquet

Get into the all-spin zone. With a unique string pattern and the ideal bending profile, this racket is purpose-built to deliver controlled power and blistering spin. Plant-based materials add a dash of eco-conscious responsibility to the mix.

Best New Trainer Release

healthy living Unisex UA SlipSpeed Training Shoes

UnderArmour Unisex UA SlipSpeed Training Shoes

The vented, breathable upper and all-around cushioning provide comfortable support for days, while a reimagined sole means max traction with zero squeaks. Plus, the fold-down heel takes this workout shoe from training to recovery mode without missing a beat.

Best New Golf Release

healthy living MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

Swing, analyze, improve, and repeat with this portable golf simulator. Dual cameras create ultra-slow-mo GIFs of your swing, showing exactly how and where you struck the ball. Then, shot-tracer tech tracks the arch and angle of the ball after every drive.

Best New Golf Club Release

healthy living Paradym Drivers

Callaway Paradym Drivers

The Paradym line is one of Callaway’s most advanced driver series ever. The aggressive design is more refined with a high MOI and adjustable perimeter weighting so that you can dial in your exact level of play. No matter if you’re a novice, an intermediate, or a seasoned pro, this club belongs in every guy’s golf bag.

Best New Basketball Release

healthy living Smart Basketball + App

SIQ Smart Basketball + App

Now 10% Off

Level up your b-ball game with this smart basketball—the same tech used by NBA pros. Paired with the companion app, it tracks your shots to help improve your form, shot percentages, and “pressure” game shooting. SIQ even guarantees up to 25% better numbers in just a few weeks.

Best New Fitness Watch Release

healthy living Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch

Coros Pace 3 GPS Sport Watch

Train hard, track harder. The Pace 3 is a fitness watch built for serious athletes who demand everything from their gear, like a next-gen heart monitor, accurate SP02 sensors, and a dead-on barometric altimeter. It’s all packed into a lightweight, low-profile designed to run for weeks.

Best New Fitness Video Accessory

healthy living Pivo Max Video Tracker

Pivo Max Video Tracker

For solo fitness enthusiasts who love to record their latest workouts but can’t afford an actual cameraman, Pivo Max is the next best thing. Pair it with your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera to create buttery smooth, AI-tracked videos with 360 degrees of rotation.

Best New Trail Running Release

healthy living 002 All Terrain Shoe

Norda 002 All Terrain Shoe

Serious trail running calls for serious footwear. Norda’s 002 All Terrain Shoe is designed with a lower stack height, a padded heel collar, and clever geometry to be ultra-responsive over highly technical terrain.

Best New Running Gear Release

healthy living Nike Running Division Aerogami

Nike Running Division Aerogami

Rain, hail, sleet, and snow, this next-gen waterproof running jacket is designed to take them all on and keep you dry along the way. It stays cool, too, with on-demand ventilation and a perfect fit with the help of adjustable bungees at the hood and hem.

Best New Smartwatch Release

healthy living Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The flagship smartwatch in Apple’s best-in-class Apple Watch line-up is one watch to rule them all. The latest generation is the best athlete-minded smartwatch we’ve ever tested, period.

Best New Gym Speaker Release

healthy living EPICBOOM Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears EPICBOOM Bluetooth Speaker

If you like your tunes loud—like very, very loud—the EPICBOOM is a pint-sized go-anywhere Bluetooth speaker that brings the party. It’s built for deep, immersive bass with 360-degree audio. It’s great for all types of listening, but we especially love how the waterproof speaker performs in our heavy gym sessions, both indoors and outdoors.

healthy living mh tech awards 2024 hai smart showerhead

Jamie Chung

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Best New Blender Release

healthy living Beastmode Blender

Beast Health Beastmode Blender

Now 10% Off

There are blenders, and then there are blenders. If you demand serious power for your morning smoothies, or frozen margaritas, or maybe you just like to crush rocks in yours, the Beastmode Blender is your man. The 1,200-watt motor is beastly enough to tackle whatever you throw at (or into) it.

Best New Home Goods Release

healthy living Lloyd Modern Gel Fuel Fireplace by Terraflame

Solo Stove Lloyd Modern Gel Fuel Fireplace by Terraflame

It’s classic mid-century modern design meets legit modern construction. This indoor/outdoor fireplace features a sexy, curvy, steel-bodied exterior, while gel fuel canisters provide beautiful, clean-burning flames complete with real wood-cracklin’ sound.

Best New Home Security Release

healthy living Assure Lock 2 Plus Smart Lock

Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus Smart Lock

It’s 2023. What are you still doing using keys to get into your house? Upgrade your access with this ultra-connected smart lock that allows you to lock, unlock, and access your home with the swipe of your iPhone.

Best New Midrange Smartwatch Release

healthy living Venu 3 Smartwatch

Garmin Venu 3 Smartwatch

Better health through technology. That’s the goal of Garmin’s all-new Venu 3 Smartwatch—a midrange smartwatch designed to track sleep health, fitness levels, and overall well-being, so you can live better, longer, and stronger.

Best New Recovery Accessory

healthy living RecoveryTherm Cube

Therabody RecoveryTherm Cube

It’s time to ditch the disposable heating pads and old-school icepacks. Therabody’s all-new RecoveryTherm Cube is an ultra-portable device designed for both hot and cold therapy whenever and wherever you need it. The best part: Unlike one-time-use alternatives, it’s reusable.

Best New Portable Blender Release

healthy living BlenderCap Premium Cordless Blender

Cruz BlenderCap Premium Cordless Blender

For smoothies, protein shakes, and other mixed beverages on the go, you need a serious blender. BlenderCap is a metal (not plastic) cordless blender with the power to make all of the above and a battery that lasts up to a week.

Best Smart Showerhead

healthy living Smart Showerhead

Hai Smart Showerhead

It might be retro-cute on the outside, but the deceptively clever design has built-in tech that uses up to 30% less water while delivering better pressure, improved spray, and a customizable shower experience via a dedicated mobile app.

Best New Indoor Gardening Release

healthy living Stem Grow Light for Indoor Plants

AeroGarden Stem Grow Light for Indoor Plants

If you’re a self-proclaimed “plant killer,” or you can’t seem to keep your indoor plant babies alive longer than a few months, they may just need a bit more light. This compact grow light sets up in seconds and works with almost any existing potted plants you already own.

Best New Release for Movie Buffs

healthy living Nebula Mars 3 Outdoor Portable Projector

Anker Nebula Mars 3 Outdoor Portable Projector

Take your movie nights out under the stars with this best-in-class 4K portable outdoor projector. The bright, 1000-ANSI-lumen bulb throws a maximum 200-inch image wherever you need it, and the 40-watt speaker actually sounds pretty good to boot.

Best New Listening Release

healthy living Sound Burger Portable Bluetooth Turntable

Audio-Technica Sound Burger Portable Bluetooth Turntable

It’s the ultimate in go-anywhere turntable audio. The unique retro-modern design combines Bluetooth and USB charging under the hood with a belt-drive system that’s compatible with both 33 ⅓ and 45 records.

Best-Looking Smart TV

healthy living 55

Samsung 55″ The Frame TV

Now 27% Off

True to its name, Samsung’s The Frame TV is worthy of an art wall. It’s a flat-screen unlike any other, with a 55-inch QLED 4K display that renders up to a billion colors beautifully and precisely. So you can display your favorite photos, artwork, TV shows, and movies all in one place.

Best New TV Release Deal

healthy living 55

Hisense 55″ Class U8 Series

It’s big, bold, beautiful, and jam-packed with almost every feature you’d find in a television that costs three times as much. The ULED 4K UHD display renders sports, movies, and everything in between in stunning, true-to-life color. You’ll never want to leave the couch again.

Best New Bedroom Release

healthy living Cono Portable Smart Lamp

Umbra Cono Portable Smart Lamp

Cute, playful, portable. The simple design of the all-new Cono Smart LED Lamp from Umbra allows you to direct light exactly where you need it. Just stand it up, turn it upside down, or lie it on its side—your call.

Best New Premium In-Ear Headphones Release

healthy living QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds

Now 17% Off

Bose reinvents the earbuds game again. The all-new QuietComfort Ultra feature next-level noise-canceling tech and echo reduction with even better spatialized audio. Plus, the all-day comfort and 24-hour battery life make them perfect for even the longest travel (or work) days.

Best New Premium Over-Ear Headphones Release

healthy living Px7 S2e Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2e Headphones

These premium over-ear headphones are among the best available at this price. The 24-bit processing and 40mm drive units bring music, movies, and everything in between to life. Plus, the active noise-canceling is second to none.

healthy living dyson purifier big quiet formaldehyde air purifier

Jamie Chung

healthy living work

Best New Productivity Release

healthy living The Tri-Screen 2

Xebec The Tri-Screen 2

Two screens are better than one, but Xebec’s Tri-Screen 2 proves three are better still. Take your productivity to the next level with more screen real estate than ever. The best part? The desk accessory folds up with your laptop into a compact, take-anywhere package.

Best New Tablet Release

healthy living Pixel Tablet

Google Pixel Tablet

It’s your entire Google-fied world in the palm of your hand. Stream movies, keep tabs on your social, and stay connected—all on a compact, 11-inch tablet with a slick charging dock that doubles as a speaker.

Best New Work-Friendly Headphones Release

healthy living Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

Now 51% Off

The original chunky, DJ-inspired over-ear headphones just keep getting better. The Beats Studio Pro Wireless deliver a studio-quality listening experience with spatial audio, dynamic head tracking, and a 360-degree environment. Plus, the 40-hour battery life will outlast even the longest long-haul flight.

Best New Home Security Release

healthy living Ring Video Battery Doorbell Plus

Ring Video Battery Doorbell Plus

Now 14% Off

Keep tabs on your home, your dog, or even your neighbor’s dog. The battery-powered design means it sets up quick and easy anywhere, with no wires necessary. Plus, it delivers head-to-toe HD+ video to any phone or computer with an internet connection.

Best New WFH Release

healthy living Standing Desk

Lillipad Standing Desk

Now 30% Off

Elevate your work-from-home game, literally. This electric-powered standing desk raises to up to 48 inches at the press of a button. When you’re done with work nonsense and Zoom meetings for the day, it collapses down small enough to slide under a couch or hide away in a closet.

Best New Smartphone Release

healthy living Galaxy Z Flip 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Guess who’s back—back again! Flip phones are cool again, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the coolest. It’s versatile, adaptable, and customizable, with a unique cover screen that lets you text, frame selfies, answer calls, and check your calendar without opening the phone.

Best Cord Collector

healthy living Civic Access Pouch 2L

Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 2L

If you pack heavy for your “everyday carry,” you want a carry-all that can haul it all. This two-liter pouch has the divided storage space you need, wrapped in a weather-resistant, padded foam shell that looks great to boot.

Best New Portable Speaker Release

healthy living Move 2 Portable Smart Speaker

Sonos Move 2 Portable Smart Speaker

Sonos already rules your home audio. Now, that same killer sound is available anywhere with the company’s most powerful and portable Bluetooth and WiFi speaker. With a drop-resitant and water-resistant shell, and a full day of battery life, it’s down to operate as a go-anywhere outdoor speaker.

Best New Creativity Release

healthy living Type Folio

Remarkable Type Folio

Cut all the distractions from your WFH setup. The Type Folio is a blissfully disconnected tactile keyboard that’s designed with one goal in mind: To keep you focused on creating. Plus, the slim add-on (reMarkable 2 sold seperately) is super portable for those marathon creative coffee shop sessions.

Best New Tech Backpack Release

healthy living Grid Backpack

Ekster Grid Backpack

It packs like a suitcase but carries like a backpack. The Grid is designed with easy, 180-degree access to all your essentials inside, while the exterior “grid” system makes it easy to expand your storage space with straps and add-ons.

Best New Charger Release

healthy living HiRise 3 Deluxe Charging Station

Twelve South HiRise 3 Deluxe Charging Station

Charge everything, everywhere, all at once. This clever charging station from Twelve South combines a MagSafe charger with a wireless charging base for 3-in-1 power top-ups of all your most essential devices.

Best New Coffee Maker Release

healthy living Spinn Pro Smart Coffee Maker

Spinn Pro Smart Coffee Maker

Now 17% Off

From espresso to cold brew to drip coffee, the Spinn Pro does it all. Order your morning cuppa via the mobile app, and in 60 seconds, it’ll grind and brew it to perfection. Think of it as “your personal countertop barista.”

Best New Home Appliance Release

healthy living Dyson Purifier Big + Quiet

Dyson Purifier Big + Quiet

Beyond the sexy, futuristic good looks, this bleeding-edge air purifier scrubs every cubic inch of breathable air in your home. Gases, odors, allergens, toxic particles, formaldehyde, and more—all gone using Dyson’s largest-ever filtration system.

Best New Smart Mug Release

healthy living Ember Tumbler

Ember Tumbler

If, like us, you tend to go through a neverending cycle of letting your hot coffee get cold, reheating it in the microwave, then immediately forgetting about it and repeating the cycle over again, you need the battery-powered Ember Tumbler. This heated mug keeps your fav beverage at whatever temperature you like for up to three hours.

healthy living mh tech awards 2024 therabody theraface mask

Jamie Chung

healthy living grooming

Best New Skincare Release

healthy living TheraFace Mask

Therabody TheraFace Mask

Bathe your face in red, red+infrared, and blue LED light for skin that’s firmer, smoother, and healthier than ever. This mask is clinically proven to minimize fine lines and dark spots after as little as eight weeks of treatment.

Best New Facial Release

healthy living Halo Facial Toning Device

Ziip Halo Facial Toning Device

Lotions, creamsand toners can only do so much. This next-gen skincare device uses multi-current technology to lift, sculpt, and handsome-ify your facial skin. Bonus: The compact size is perfect for travel.

Best Body Scrubber

healthy living Luna 4 Body Brush

Foreo Luna 4 Body Brush

Now 34% Off

Ditch the old-school loofahs and scrub brushes for this tech-forward, USB-rechargeable body scrubber. It uses a proprietary T-SONIC massage for cleaner, smoother, healthier skin. Plus, it feels dang good in the shower.

Best Custom Oral Health System

healthy living Custom-Jet Oral Health System

Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System

Custom tools are almost always better, and that’s true when it comes to your dental hygiene tools, too. Proclaim’s at-home Oral Health System uses custom-scanned mouthpieces fitted to your mouth to guarantee the best, deepest clean of your life.

Best New Electric Razor Release

healthy living Series 9 PRO+ Electric Razor for Men

Braun Series 9 PRO+ Electric Razor for Men

Braun’s flagship electric razor Series 9 Pro Shaver is tough enough to tackle the thickest facial hair. Five shaving elements, sonic technology, and a new ProLift Trimmer combine to wrangle even your scruffiest seven-day beard.

Most Innovative Shaving Release

healthy living Multi Shape Kit

Panasonic Multi Shape Kit

Now 20% Off

Shave, trim, and brush with this all-in-one grooming kit from Panasonic. The multiple shave heads pair seamlessly with the rechargeable base unit to make it the ultimate body groomer. Thanks to a waterproof wet/dry design, it even works in the shower.

This story originally appears in the December 2023 issue of Men’s Health.

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John Thompson

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John Thompson is the Gear and Commerce Editor at Men’s Health, where he covers fashion, grooming, gear, and technology. He was previously the Style & Gear Editor at BroBible.comand a commerce writer for His interests include attending concerts, spending time outside, and following his favorite baseball team, the Kansas City Royals.

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