Former MLB Star Dexter Fowler Is Hitting Intestine Challenges Out of the Park

Former MLB Star Dexter Fowler Is Hitting Intestine Challenges Out of the Park

Incredible: IN SEPTEMBER of 2008, Dexter Fowler, now 37, made his pro-baseball debut. Not wonderful: That exact same calendar year, his ulcerative colitis (UC) diagnosis built its debut, much too. Although taking part in, he experienced to deal with UC’s inflammatory flare-upswhich can carry intense stomach cramps, fatigue, and an urgent require for the restroom. By means of meds and the adjustments down below, he was capable to enjoy 14 seasons in the majors. Here’s how:

Individual It

Some days, Fowler’s stomach ache was so serious he could hardly play a handful of innings. To deal with his health and fitness and his duties to his group, he says, he experienced to force aside shame and get sincere with his teammates. They gave him their whole guidance and respected when he required a crack. “I do not truly feel like I’m hiding driving a shut door,” Fowler states.

Program Ahead

The consequences of UC can occur on suddenly, so preparation is crucial. Fowler checks menus to be confident he can stay away from foodstuff that trigger swelling for him, this kind of as broccoli and other cruciferous veggies. And he carries a Restroom Obtain Card (from, which helps him obtain entry to personal restrooms in an unexpected emergency.

Stem Anxiety

Whilst stress does not cause UC, it can lead to flare-ups. Stress can adjust the makeup of the microbes in your intestine, stirring up irritation and signs and symptoms. Fowler’s initial-preference de-stressor is his “happy place”—time with his daughters and spouse. Also excellent: golf. “It presents me the mental split, bodily action, and socialization I need to have to recharge.”

Dealing with around-regular abdominal discomfort, fatigue, blood in the stool, constipation, or urgency with pooping? Could be unpleasant, and could be life altering. You want to see a physician know if it is any of the pursuing.


Irritable bowel syndrome is the most prevelant gut disorder, affecting forty million People.


Inflammatory bowel disease, prompted by recurrent inflammation in your intestines from UC and Crohn’s disease, affects about 2.five million People and can result in long-lasting hurt.

Colon Most cancers

Diagnosis of this most cancers is on the increase, especially in younger adult men. But, it has a 5 yr survival fee of ninety percent when found early.

A version of this write-up initially appeared in the December 2023 situation of Men’s Well being.

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