Anissa Could Just Be Invincible‘s Most Hazardous Enemy However

Anissa Could Just Be Invincible‘s Most Hazardous Enemy However

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THE PENULTIMATE EPISODE of Invincible Period 2 threw a whole good deal of plot into the mixer forward of future week’s finale.

Following almost dying at the palms of the Lizard King, Rex Exploded is again in action with a new bionic hand. Ferguson identified the reality about his robotic reconstruction, and served a traumatized Rick occur to terms with what was accomplished to them equally. The multiverse-hopping evil genius Angstrom Levy returned, just in time to keep Debbie and toddler Oliver hostage at the conclude of the episode. And the pressure of relationship a superhero lastly grew to become way too significantly for Amber, foremost to her and Mark breaking up.

Oh, and we nevertheless haven’t caught up with astronaut Rus Livingston, who has after once again fallen under the manage of the parasitic Sequids.

But the most pivotal occasion of the episode, entitled “I’m Not Going Wherever,” was the introduction of Anissa. And boy, did she make 1 hell of a first perception.

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Who is Anissa?

At to start with it appeared that Mark and Amber have been obtaining a way to make their partnership function, with Mark getting a significantly-necessary night time off from GDA company and getting Amber on a day. But their meal was swiftly interrupted by the arrival of Anissa (Shantel VanSanten), who threatened to eliminate Amber if Mark failed to do specifically as she reported.

Anissa is a Viltrumite warrior, just like Mark’s father Nolan, and she was sent to Earth as an advance scout for the Empire to check on Mark’s development in preparing the earth for Viltrumite rule. Having said that, not like the other Viltrumites we have viewed on the demonstrate so considerably, Anissa seems rational, stating that she does not wish to destroy any people needlessly, and that she hopes to avoid a massacre when the Empire usually takes over Earth.

She then goes on to seemingly verify this correct, aiding Mark in conserving a cruise ship entire of individuals from a huge, ocean-dwelling kaiju and safely transporting the passengers to a close by island. However, when Mark refuses to go alongside with the Viltrumite approach of planetary domination, she utilizes her substantial energy to test and force him to comply. What follows is a brutal struggle in the sky that effects in Mark getting the worst beating he’s experienced considering the fact that he very first went experience-to-experience with his father.

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Anissa finally leaves Earth of her personal accord to report back to the Empire—and in a mid-credit rating sequence, we see her capture Allen the Alien in deep place. But given the complicated and controversial arc the character goes on in the unique comics, it’s just about sure that she will be back again.

Why is Anissa these a controversial character?

Spoilers in advance.

Anissa’s appearance in “I’m Not Heading Anyplace” foreshadows the coming Viltrumite War that performs out in the comics, a conflict that her character performs a key component in. During the war, the Viltrumite figures are decimated, and Anissa is tasked with serving to to repopulate their species. Having said that, seeing her type as top-quality to human beings, Anissa sets her sights on Mark as a possible mate. As a 50 %-Viltrumite, she feels he is worthy of fathering her youngsters. Mark, nevertheless, resists her advances—and once yet again, Anissa makes use of brute toughness to get what she needs. She physically forces Mark into submission and rapes him, conceiving a little one, and then flies absent.

Throughout the relaxation of her appearances in the comics, Anissa by no means expresses any regret for the sexual assault she committed. Even when her character is granted a redemptive, heroic arc, she continues to be unrepentant, generating her one of the most-hated figures in the whole Invincible universe.

Regardless of whether or not this hugely divisive storyline will be tailored in upcoming seasons of the display stays to be observed.

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